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Published: 26th November 2009
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There are friendship relationships and then the romantic relationships. Hopefully both types will be happy but that is not always the case. Either type of relationships can have its problems.

One person in that relationship can so something to upset the other one. Then the relationship is strained with tense feelings.

The two people involved have to wade through this to salvage their relationships then. There is not just one way to fix this problem. Everyone's feelings heal at different rates.

You like other people try to go through your relationships without making anyone upset. There are just times that things don't go right. Now unless you want the relationships to end, you have to do something to make amends for your actions that upset your friend (or boyfriend or girlfriend).

You might be one of those people that have trouble apologizing in person. If you are than find another way of apologizing so that the relationship can heal. You don't want to leave the hard feelings there if a simple apology would remove them. You may consider writing an apology letter.

This letter should be very carefully worded so that is sounds sincere. It is easy for people to misinterpret the written word, so choose your words carefully. Speak of how you understand what you have done wrong and how upset they are. Most of the time the person that is upset just wants an apology and promise that the issue will not happen again. If the relationship was strong enough it will survive this upset and last for years after it.

The letter of apology should be short and right to the point. You should remember you are writing this because you care for this other person. If the letter is too long and complicated to read it may not be taken as serious by the person as a short more direct one. Below is a sample.

Sample Letter Of Apology:

Dear (insert person's name),

I know that my recent behavior (you can further explain this if needed) has upset you deeply. I never meant for this to happen. Is there are way I can make up for this upsetting situation?

I would be more than happy to do what I can to prove to you my sincerity on this matter. If you only let me know how I can do this. Can we meet and talk face to face and discuss this openly. I promise to listen in detail to what you have to say on this matter.

Your friendship (adjust this word to fit the relationship level) means too much to me not to try to repair what I broke. Please let me have a chance to try.

I am so truly sorry that my behavior has caused you any problems. Please forgive my actions, I promise to do better in the future to keep this from happening again. I will be waiting to hear your answer.

Love (or your friend whichever fits best),

(Your Name)

Now that you see what an apology letter should be get busy writing yours. You will feel better apologizing for you actions even if the other does not accept you apology. Most people do have a tendency to accept a sincere apology though. Just remember to choose your words carefully.


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